Remembering Vic "Quick Vic" Elford A Flat 6 and Porsche Racing Legend


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The formula for Porsche's racing success boils down to two things: Amazing cars, and amazing drivers. Porsche has produced many fantastic racing machines like the 906, 908, 910, 917, 934, 935, and of course the Porsche 911 RS and RSR as well as all of it's many racing forms and Porsches of all types have regularly been raced by their owners since the the very first 356 models.

1967 Porsche 911

Vic Elford started racing Porsches in the 1960's, finding early success as a rally racer. In 1967 Elford was European rally champion in a works Porsche 911. As you can see from the picture above, Vic Elford rightly earned the nickname "Quick Vic". And just like the picture above, many of the photographs from Elford's racing career convey a huge sense of speed.

Porsche Martini 917

Although we all love the cars. The arguably more important element has always been the drivers. Drivers with nerves of steel and ice in their veins, these early endurance racers would pilot crazy-powerful cars in 12 and 24 hour races at more than 200MPH with none of the safety and protection afforded today. Quick Vic Elford was one of Porsche's great drivers.

1968 the legendary Vic "Quick Vic" Elford, teamed with Jo Siffert and piloted this Porsche 908 Coupe to victory at the Nürburgring 1000 km race. This was the first of 6 Nürburgring victories for Elford.


Even for a successful racer, Vic Elford was a beast. He competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most brutal and dangerous races, for 8 years in a row from 1967 to 1974. During those years, Vic drove many of Porsche's most iconic and legendary racing machines. Vic came in 1st in his class in his very first Le Mans in a Porsche 906K. He also raced or tested every version of the 917. Not only that, but Vic was hired by Steve McQueen to do the high-speed close-up driving of the 917 in McQueen's epic racing film, "Le Mans". Last, Vic set a track record while just testing the 917/30.

Steve Mcqueen and Vic Elford

Vic passed away in March 2022 at 86 years old. He had an amazing career and is certainly a Porsche racing legend. He did what he loved and he crushed it! We are inspired by Quick Vic and hope you  are too. Rest In Peace Vic!

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