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Welcome to Flat 6 Club Market Letter for August 2022. This is actually the first month of this new feature where we look at many aspects of the Porsche Car Market from a pricing and sales perspective.

Our methodology in compiling the data for the Market Letter is including data from multiple sources (listed below). In terms of actual sales with detailed data, we prefer Bring A Trailer for a few reasons: First, we're looking for actual sales, not just listings, second, even to bid on BAT requires a credit card and BAT charges a % of the total (up to $5K) so it's a good indicator of seriousness on the buyer side. Our other source, Classic.com aggregates market data from other global auctions and other listings so we include that also, though it may be more on the listing side than confirmed sales, it's a great reference point for the global market.

Data sources: Bring A Trailer, classic.com


Overall August was a solid month for the 914. Again, we see a large gap between the highs and lows of these cars. On the high side, a stock 1970 914-6 sold for $85,000 on 8/12/22. The car appeared to be a very well-kept example represented by veteran BAT seller 911r. On the low side, a lucky buyer (who drove it around 3000KM to his home) picked up 1972 914 with a Flat 4 for $13,500 on 8/11/22


F-model / Longhood 911

Normally we don’t include heavily modified cars or cars that did not sell in our data reviews. This month however, we simply don’t have great data available on “normal” cars so we’re including cars that had bids but didn’t sell on BAT / Pcarmarket and we’re also including a heavily modified (by the factory) car.

With the above disclaimer in mind, on the high- side we have a rare factory-modified 1972 911T Rally Car which sold for $350,000 on 8/23/22. This car is quite unique and includes a 3.0L Flat 6 prepped designed for the Carrera RS. On the low side we have a 1973 911E that did not sell but was bid up to $78,000 on 8/6/22.

Classic.com market data:

Impact Bumper / G-model

The impact Bumper cars cover a large range which we break down in more detail in some areas of this letter. In general though, August was a fairly tame month with the high being set by a backdated (apparently with high build quality) 1978 SC with a 3.2 which sold for $203,001 on 8/17/22. On the low side, we have a 1974 911 Coupe with a 2.9 Liter engine that had been rebuilt and modified fairly recently in 2017 and it sold for $37,750 on 8/5/22. Of note is the high last month in July, which was set by a 1989 911 Turbo Cab which sold for $305,000 on 7/20/22.

In comparison with last year, the high was set by a rare Euro 1976 911 Carrera “Sondermodell” which did not sell, but was bid up to $210,000 on 8/11/21, while the low was set by a 1987 Carerra (with 964 bumpers and wheels) which sold for $34000 on 8/5/21.

Classic.com market data:


August was overall a good month for the 911SC. Prices varied greatly depending on the car. On the low side, a “modified” ‘78 SC sold for a bargain $44,222 on 8/16/22. The car was presented in Gulf blue and orange livery and appeared to include several track upgrades including a roll bar, Recaro seats and more. On the high-side, a rare ‘79 3.1 liter car sold for $90,500 on 8/12, and a stock ‘79 SC with 135K miles on the clock sold for $85,000 on 8/25, which is a new recent high for a stock SC on BAT. The car looked to be in excellent condition with extensive maintenance and excellent pictures and representation by the veteran Porsche seller, 911r.


This month the 964 has a massive, nearly 10X price gap between the high and low marks. The high mark was set by an extremely rare (one of only 76 produced for the entire 964 generation) and desirable 1992 Carrera RS Touring which sold for $430,000 on 8/31/22. On the low side, a fairly clean looking 1990 Carrera 4 Cabriolet sold for $47,501 on 8/29/22.

 Classic.com market data:


This month the 993 had a much smaller price gap than the 964 with only about 3X separating the high and low price marks. On the high side, a very clean 1998 Carrera S with a manual, and 53K miles sold for $185,000 on 8/30/22. Judging by the comments, BAT users seemed to be surprised at the high price of this vehicle, though its excellent condition, limited (2 owners) ownership and final model-year probably helped boost the final number. On the flip side, a 1995 Carrera Cabriolet manual sold for a paltry (in comparison) $60,000 on 8/19/22. 



For the high, we saw a low mileage, black Turbo X50 Manual Coupe sell for $96,000 on 8/17/22. For the low mark, we have a nicely optioned 2001 Tiptronic Coupe which sold for $24,662 on 8/27/22. It seemed to be considered a bargain judging from the comments on BAT.


The 997 generation price range was book-ended by two interesting cars that set the high and low on BAT this month. The high was set by a rare (#43 of 50 produced) 2006 Carrera S Club Coupe finished in Azzurro California Blue, with a Carfax record of accident damage, that sold for $101,997 on 8/28/22. On the opposite end of the price spectrum was a Supercharged 2009 Carrera 6-speed, with an intermittent check engine light that sold for $31,000 on 8/29/22 in a No Reserve auction.



BAT sales are slightly more sparse for the 991 in general, but there are several sales in the month of August to reflect on. The top on bottom are shown here with the top price being set by a nearly brand-new 2019 GT2RS Weissach which sold for a whopping $455,000 on 8/9/22. On the low end is a low mileage 2012 Carrera Cabriolet which sold for $69,000 8/9/22.



Sparce sales data on the BAT side this month so we're only including Classic.com data which holds the average price at $290,731 across 66 sales in the last 12 months.


Note that our Boxster data from Classic.com doesn't include any 718 sales as the team at Classic.com has decided to file the 718 under it's own model entirely. Also, by coincidence, the BAT sales data this month also didn't include any 718 sales. This is simply because no 718 models were sold on BAT in the month of August. A 2022 GTS was bid up to $106,000 but did not sell. What did sell this month were a pair of older Boxsters: The high price was set by a 2014 Boxster S with a PDK which sold for $39,000 on 8/28/22 in a No Reserve auction. The low end was set by a 1999 Boxster with a 5-Speed that sold for $13,750 on 8/27/22.


The Cayman market is usually hot on BAT and this month we saw some good activity with the high being set by a 2022 GT4 which sold for $139,000 on 8/21/22. On the low side was an original owner 2006 Cayman S Manual which sold for $23,250 on 8/24/22.


Thanks for reading! If you have suggestions or would like to help with the Porsche Market Letter email us at market@flat6club.com


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