Porsche Market Update - November 2022


Welcome to the Flat 6 Club Market Letter for November 2022!

This month's data shows that we're in new territory, not because pricing is changing dramatically, but rather there seem to be an increasing number of auctions which do not meet reserve. So, new for this month, we've started tracking how many cars of the monthly total did not reach reserve on BAT. This will give us an interesting indicator as the classic and luxury car market owners may be holding on to their cars rather than selling them for what the current market will bear.

As a reminder, our methodology in compiling the data for the Market Letter is to include data from multiple sources (listed below). Generally, we're only looking at data involving cars being sold and we're ignoring cars being listed for sale, and generally we're looking at auction data because it's public and fairly solid in terms of accuracy. 

Data sources: Bring A Trailer, classic.com, Pcarmarket


This month in the exciting world of the 914, we see a good variety of cars this month, and once again a very large (greater than 10X) price gap between the low and the high prices. As always with Porsche, the condition, mileage, and especially the rarity and desirability of the specific car, along with it's options, and history, play a huge role in determining price.

The low for the 914 this month seems like a bargain! The lowest priced car not only runs but has a nice looking interior with some aftermarket  features including a Momo Prototipo wheel, a cupholder, and even a Sony head unit with an iPad interface! This Metallic Blue 1970 914 with a 2.1L Flat 4, it sold on BAT for just $9,914 on 11/17/22. On the high side, we have a low-mileage1970 914-6 with a 2 Liter Flat 6 which sold on BAT for a healthy $119,146. Notice how the final price on both cars references the model ($9,914 for the 914, and $119,146 for the 914-6) numbers which is common practice among Porsche nerds ;)







F-MODEL / LONGHOOD 911 (1964-1973)

As many know, Porsche's F-Model or F-Body longhood cars include both the 911 and 912, though the 912 is not a Flat 6 based car. This month we see a truly massive price gap in the F-model cars. At the high end, we have a Yellow 1973 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Touring which sold on BAT for for $700,911. On the bargain side, we find a White 1966 912 which sold on Auctomobile for 41000.00 (about $43K today)





G-MODEL / IMPACT BUMPER 911 (1974-1989)

The Porsches perhaps most recognizable by 80's kids are the Impact Bumper generation of the 911. November was a fairly mellow month except for an interesting upset on BAT where a 1971 Modified RS-Style 911 was called out as a VIN-swap car based on astute observations of the BAT audience. Also of note was the 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe G50 which sold for a solid $117,912 on BAT. Now on to the highs and lows. The high mark was set by a Guards Red 1989 911 Speedster which sold on 11/19/22 for $291,000 via Broad Arrow Auctions. On the bargain side we have a Metallic Brown 1985 Targa (running) Project which sold on 11/22 for $27,000 on BAT and which looked rough but all there.


Last month, our high was set by an Amethyst Metallic 1994 911 Turbo which sold for $401,000. This month our high is a bit higher; a Rubystone Red 1992 Carrera RS which sold on BAT for $469,999 on 11/21/22. On the bargain side of the market, last month we had a 1994 C2 Cab sell for $45,000. This time around, the bargain of the month was again higher, with a 1990 911 C2 Cabriolet selling on BAT for $56,000 on 12/17/22.

993 (1994-1998)

The 993 is the last of the old-school air-cooled cars. To some, this is the ultimate classic 911. Looking back at last month, the top price was set by a 1995 GT2 which sold in Europe for $284,418. This month the top 993 was another rare car, 1996 Carerra RS which sold on 11/19/22 for $335,000 via Broad Arrow Auctions.

On the bargain side, last month a 1998 Black C2 Cab sold for $40,700. This month's low was higher, with a a Black 1997 C2 Cabriolet sold for AUD75,500 ($50,413) on 11/17/22.

996 (1997-2005)

The 996 is first water-cooled Porsche 911. This generation of 911 shares it's distictive "fried egg" headlight design with the mega-cool GT1. These have been some of the most financially accessible 911s on the market and this month is no different. Last month the high was set by a 2003 Turbo X50 Coupe which sold for $130,000. This month we have a higher number for a rarer 2004 GT3 RS which sold for €157,500 ($157,707) via a Collecting Cars auction.

On the bargain side, last month a 1999 Manual Coupe sold for $20,250. This month we have what looks like a stellar bargain with a Zenith Blue 1999 6-Speed Carrera 4 Cabriolet selling for just £7,200 ($8,460) also via a Classic Cars auction.

997 (1994-1998)

Last month the 997 market was topped by a rare and mythical 2011 911 GT2 RS which sold for $570,000. This month the highest price at auction was set by a very similar car, a Triple Black Manual 2010 GT2 RS which sold for £259,000 ($314,083) on 11/24 via Collecting Cars, setting a lower high for the month as compared to October.

On the bargain side, we also see a slightly lower low being set this month as compared with last month's Silver 2005 911 Carrera 4S which sold for $21,236. This month we have a Silver 2005 911 Carrera S Tiptronic being sold £17,175 ($20,705) on 11/27/22 also via a Collecting Cars auction.




991 (2011-2019)

As is typical, the top prices are dominated by the rare and super high-end cars. The top price last month was set by a White 2016 911R which sold for $450,000 on BAT. This month, we have a higher high price set by an Irish Green (PTS) 2019 911 GT2 RS Weissach which sold for $475,000 on 11/25/22 via BAT as well.

On the bargain side, we have a higher low, set by a Black 2013 7-Speed Carrera 4 Cabriolet which sold for $59,500 on 11/21/22. This is compared to last months low, set by a White 2013 Carrera Coupe with a PDK which sold on Pcarmarket for $47,000.





The 992 generation has been unique in that used cars in this 3-year-old generation often sell above MSRP due to supply issues. When we look at the 90 Day Moving Average from Classic.com we see that this may finally be starting to change with the average sales price decreasing from $275,585 in September to $251,838 in November.

The high price in November was set by an Albert Blue (PTS) 2022 GT3 Touring with a 6-Speed Manual which sold for $312,000 on 11/24/22 via BAT. This is a slightly higher high than October's 2022 Shark Blue 911 GT3 6-Speed which sold on BAT for $292,000, but the GT3 Touring is a rarer car, and as we noted last month, it has commanded a $100K Additional Dealer Markup in recent times.

On the bargain side, the cheapest car sold at auction was a lovely 2022 Aventurine Green Metallic 911 Carrera GTS which sold for £120,700 ($143,452) on 11/20/22 as compared to last month's Dolomite Silver 2020 Carrera S Cabriolet which sold on BAT for $128,000.



This month sales data is a bit sparse due to cars not meeting reserve. On the high end this month we have an interesting car, a Modified 2011 Carrera White Boxster Spyder 3.8 which sold for $86,000 on 11/3/22 via BAT. The 2011 Boxster has a 3.8 Liter GT4 motor sourced from a 2016 GT4. Last month's high was set by Gulf Blue 2021 718 Spyder 6-Speed which sold on BAT for $163,500 but this month there were no 718 Boxsters sold according to our data.

Are the great bargains coming back?! This time around on the bargain side for November, we have a Red 2001 Boxster 5-Speed which sold for $4,400 on 11/10/22 via a Mecum Auction in Las Vegas. Compare that to October's Lapis Blue 2001 Boxster 5-Speed which sold on BAT for $11,500 in a No Reserve auction.




We're hearing that prices are starting to come down. The highest-priced Cayman this month is a 2021 Cayman GT4 in Chalk which sold for $126,300 on 11/23/22 via Cars & Bids. Compared to last month's slightly new, lower mileage 2022 GT4 in Chalk which sold on BAT for $146,600.

On the bargain side we have a Arctic Silver 2006 Cayman S 6-Speed which sold on PCarmarket for $20,000 and seems like a good deal compared to last month's newer but non-S 2007 5-Speed Cayman in Arctic Silver which sold on BAT for $27,000.


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