Can A Classic Porsche 911 Live Up To It's Legend?

Advertising exists to make people want things. That's the art and the science of the trade. But what is it that people actually want? Beer commercials always show people having fun with other people. Usually good-looking people having a great time with beers in their hands. Fun, friends and camaraderie. The beer isn't what sells, it's the fun the people are having.

Media (social and otherwise) sets up some great expectations. But we all know sometimes the reality falls short because buying the thing, the beer, or whatever, doesn't actually always lead to good times with attractive people. So, is there anything that actually delivers on it's marketing promise?

This is the story of a 1982 Porsche 911SC and the HUGE expectations I had built up over the 45 years I spent wanting and waiting in anticipation of owning a one. I finally got one. Does it deliver? Check out this video of driving the SC to Cars and Coffee and see if you can guess the answer:

You guessed it! I'm happy to report that my first 911, the "old red"1982 911SC has lived up to all of the expectations that my childhood and adult imagination dreamed up about 911 ownership. The door closing sound? Check... very satisfying...still. The trouble-free (classic!!!) sports car that begs me to redline it on the way to pick up my daughter from school? Check. The nods and smiles and conversations at Cars & Coffee, the local gas station and even at the kid's school? Check check check. Best of all it's literally created great friendships with other Porsche fans and fanatics that I didn't have before. The people I've met are the best part. Cars and Coffee is a ritual now and a place to meet up with friends each week.

Flat 6 Club Porsche 911

Every person I've met who has sold a Porsche is sad they did. They still think about it years later and wish they'd have made a different decision. That's something different. It's not normal or average. I sold an F80 M3 (A great car) to get this 911SC. I've never once missed that M3 or wished I'd made a different decision and the M3 was another car I'd wanted my whole life.

Red Flat 6 Club Porsche 911

 "Totally worth it!"




  • They are simply great cars. We bought a 1978 CS in 1985 and have been driving 911’s ever since. Each model is unique, but all special with the lineage from the beginning. What other car can claim that…9over 50 years?!?

  • Glad it met your expectations! They are simply great cars. Our first was a 78SC in 1985 and I’ve been driving them ever since. Every model is unique, yet the same, but always special. What other car model can say that?!?

  • I’ve had 914s, I regret selling any of them. I sold my orient metallic red 996 cab about 3 yrs ago. I replaced it with a drop dead 997 but I missed the 996 so much I located her in South Carolina. The new owner adores her. That helped me let go…I’m lying I still miss that car.

    Jeffrey Clark
  • I too have always dreamed of owning a 911. Someday it could happen but at 54 I can finally afford to consider it. My fear has been the near lifetime of hype. This article helps me know it will be as special as I dream it will be. Thank you!

    Dennis Wilson
  • I can relate. I have been around Porsches my whole life. I have had a 1987 Carrera for 22 years, and I will never sell it.
    Here is a link to my Porsche story.

    Sean Smith

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