January 2023 Porsche Market Update

Welcome to the Flat 6 Club / Porsche Market Letter for January 2023! As many know, January can be a time of high prices with Barret Jackson taking place in Arizona along with many other high profile auctions.

--Note if you'd like to help collect data or add more model (991.2, 944, etc) specific detail email us at market@flat6club.com

Data sources: Bring A Trailer, classic.com, Pcarmarket, other auction sites as notated.

Now let's take a look at at the Porsche market for January 2023. January can be a time of high prices with Barret Jackson taking place in Arizona along with many other high-profile auctions. As always we start with the 914.

914 (1970 to 1976)

Compared to December '22, the auction market for the 914 started a bit slow this year with only 4 auction sales happening during the month of January according to our sources. Of those 4 sales, the highest price was $25,300 for a 1974 Targa with a 2 Liter Flat 4 which sold via Meccum on 1/15/23. Compare that to December's 1970 Porsche 914/6 which sold for $144,398!

On the bargain side in January, we had a nice looking Nepal Orange 1975 Targa which sold for $13,750 via Meccum on 1/11/23.  




F-MODEL / LONGHOOD 911 (1964-1973)

We have a higher high this month in the longhood 911 market, set by a restored/modified (by Dawson Vintage) 1968 911T which sold for $220,000 at Barret Jackson on 1/27/2023.  Compare this with last month's Albert Blue 1970 911E Karmann Coupe (1 of 677 that year) which sold for $167,000 via Pcarmarket on 12/9/22.

On the bargain side, January's low (for a running vehicle) was set by a White 1970 Porsche 911T Targa which sold for $41,911 via BAT on 1/12/22. Compare to December's 1970 911T Project which sold for $19,911.





G-MODEL / IMPACT BUMPER 911 (1974-1989)

This month the high price was set by another rare car. For a quick refresher, 1989 is the last year for the G-body cars. It's also the only year in which the 911 Turbo was offered with a 5-speed G50 transmission, all other early Turbos made due with the robust 4-speed. The factory flachbau or 'slantnose' cars are also quite rare. The high price for January was set by a rare (1 of 50)  Triple Black 1989 M505 911 Turbo Cabriolet Flachbau which sold for $417,500 via an RM auction on 1/26/2023. Compare this car to December's Black 1989 911 Speedster which sold via RM Sothebys for $368,000.

January's best bargain was a 1987 Guards Red 911 Carrera Cabriolet which sold for $39,500 via BAT on 1/28/23. This looks to be a decent bargain, indeed, considering the 87-89 3.2 Carreras featured the desirable G50 5-speed as well, compared with the 84 Targa which sold for $29,842 in December.

964 (1989 to 1994)

January was an interesting month with more unique 964 generation cars being sold. We have a tie for the highest priced cars this month with both 964s being sold for an identical $401,000. The two cars on top were an Amethyst Metallic 1994 911 Turbo 3.6, and a Rubystone Red 1992 Carrera RS M003 Clubsport. Both rare and desirable, and very different cars. For those keeping score on rarity, the Carrera RS is 1 of 290, while the 3.6 Turbo is 1 of 1500. Another interesting fact is that the 3.6 Turbo sold previously on BAT last year for the exact same $401,000! Compare to December's stratospheric and ultra rare 1994 911 3.6L Turbo S for $1,265,000.

On the bargain side of the market, we have a lightly modified Grand Prix White C2 Coupe 6-Speed which sold for $65,964 via BAT on 1/5/23. Compare this to December's bargain: the Guards Red 1990 C2 Tiptronic $39,000.



993 (1994-1998)

This month the 993 high-price record was set by a similar car to last month's high price holder: A Triple Black 1997 911 Turbo S which sold at Barret Jackson for $605,000 in a No Reserve auction on 1/28/23. Compare this with December's Arctic Silver 1997 911 Turbo S or $643,000 on 12/10/22.

For January's best 993 bargain, we have a 1995 Midnight Blue Metallic 6-Speed C2 Cabriolet which sold for $45,500 via BAT on 1/24/23. Compare with December's high-mileage-but-cheap 1997 C2 Cabriolet in Arena Red with a 6-Speed Manual sold via Pcarmarket for $36,250.



996 (1997-2005)



January was for the 996! The market showed more than 35 transactions and the highest priced car showed that the 996 is finally having it's day. The top price was set by a beautiful 2003 Porsche 911 GT2 in Arctic Silver Metallic which sold via BAT for $249,996. That's big money for a 996 and what's even bigger news is that this very GT2 was sold on BAT in 2019 for $148,000. That's an appreciation of $101,996 in less than 3 years! Sadly this mythical GT2 has only traveled 4K miles since built in 2003, having been relegated to a life of being sold from collector to collector as window dressing. For contrast see last month's 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 in Arctic Silver that sold via BAT for $94,996.

January's bargain 996 is the same color as the high-price setter: A 1999 Arctic Silver C2 Tiptronic which sold via Cars and Bids for $15,500 on 1/30/23. For contrast see last month's 2000 6-Speed 911 C2 Project in Arena Red which sold for $12,996.

997 (2004 to 2013)

January's top sale was a 374 mile 2011 GT3 RS 3.8 which sold via an RM auction for $406,500This GT3 RS is a rare car indeed with such low mileage and only about 500 total cars made for the generation. Compare this to last month's Carrera White 2011 911 GT2 RS which sold via RM for $753,000 on 12/10/22,

On the bargain side for January, we have what does seem like a great deal, an apparently well maintained a Atlas Grey Metallic 2005 911 Carrera S 6-speed which sold via Collecting Cars for $26,958. Compare with last month's bargain: Slate Grey 2005 6-Speed C2 Cabriolet which sold via Marqued for $21,000.



991 (2011-2019)


For folks who follow the 991 market, January gave us something very special indeed. The car you see above is what Porsche described as a "birthday present" to Porsche Motorsports fans all over the world. This is one of only 77 factory-built examples of the new 991-based 700HP 935. Introduced in 2018 at the Rennsport Reunion, these cars were built as a tribute to the original still-insane-today 850HP 935/78 (as in built in 1978) aka Moby Dick.

This very special 2019 Porsche 935 Revival Edition is finished in exposed carbon and sold via a Collecting Cars auction for $1,468,612 on 1/15/2023. For the record, last month's high was set by a 2016 Porsche 911 R @ $555,000.

--Note, for those with a few million dollars burning a hole in their pocket, as I write this, another 935 Revival Edition is up for sale and listed for $1,995,500 at Classic Motorcars in Jacksonville, FL. If you end up buying it, shoot me a message and we'll send you some free Flat 6 Club stickers! 😄

January's bargain 991 came in the form of a clean looking White 2013 911 Carrera which sold via BAT for $54,500. Compare to December's bargain Agate Grey 2014 Carrera S Cabriolet which sold for $52,001.






The 991 market had a higher high in the form of a lovely 2022 GT3 Touring wearing Chalk paint this sold for $362,500 via an RM auction on 1/26/23. Compare this to December's 2022 Agate Grey 911 GT3 Touring sold for $286,000 via BAT on 12/2/22.

January's best auction bargain was a Jet Black Metallic 2022 Carrera S which sold on Pcarmarket for $111,992 on 1/5/23. Compare with December's White 2020 Carrera 4S Coupe which sold for $127,000 via BAT on 12/15/22.





According to our data, only 5 cars of the 718 variety sold at auction in January, and of those, none were Boxsters! So prices here will reflect the fact that the newest Boxster models are not represented in this data this month. This is similar to last month. What's going on? For the last 3 months, newer Boxsters just aren't selling at auction. Are people just loving their 718 Boxsters so much that they are unwilling to sell?

The high price this month was set by an Alpine White 2005 Porsche Boxster S 6-Speed which sold via Meccum for $29,700. It's apples and oranges compared with last month's Jet Black 2016 981 Boxster Spyder which sold $111,361.

For January's bargain Boxster, we have a Black 1998 Boxster 5-Speed which sold via BAT for $9200 on 1/28/23. Compare this with last month's similar Arena Red 1999 5-Speed Boxster which sold for $9,800.





January was an exciting month for the Cayman, mainly because this is the first time that we have seen a GT4 RS sell at auction! Needless to say, the car that set the high price was this stunning 2022 Gentian Blue Cayman GT4 RS Weissach which sold in the UK for £227,000 ($273,721). 2021 Python Green Cayman GT4 which sold for $141,500.

This month's bargain Cayman was a 2007 Arctic Silver Cayman Automatic which sold via BAT for $15,250 on 1/17/23. A similar result last month's 2008 Arctic Silver 987 Cayman Automatic which sold for $15,951 via Collecting Cars in the UK.


Thanks for reading the Porsche Market Letter for January. If you have comments please leave them below, we love hearing your feedback!

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  • Nice update. The first Porsche that I didn’t buy was a white 914/6, was about $7000.

    Rondey Callahan
  • Nice update. The first Porsche that I didn’t buy was a white 914/6, was about $7000.

    Rondey Callahan
  • Interested in your input on 981GTS Boxster market. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of them in the US.

    Tom Minnella
  • Need more information and Availability for 2023 911/ G Models and Color availability

    Madhat Youssef

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