Flat 6 Club Update Q2 2022
Flat 6 Club
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It's Shon from Flat 6 Club, I'm writing to give you an update on what's been happening with The Club. First off we've been growing, we now have more than 6000 passionate Porsche-loving members in our main social group and over 21,000 email-list members! Here's a quick update on what's been happening and what's coming up.

This year, we will be changing Flat 6 Club to a non-profit organization which will support several charities. Being a charitable organization which helps others is our core mission. And, since we're Flat 6 Club, we get to execute that mission by creating amazing experiences and generating awesome memorries for our members and fans.

As some of you know, after giving away an amazing 997 Carrera S last year we've had tons of people asking when our next giveaway is... I'm excited to give you a sneak peak on that.

We'll be doing Driving events, meetups, racing events, VIP excursions and more, and we will be doing another amazing giveaway! More on that, our non-profit conversion, and our mission is coming soon

What have we been doing?

  • We've sent out more than 2000 Flat 6 Club stickers and have received so many amazing pictures of beautiful Porsches sporting Flat 6 Club decal. You can see these in the social group and we'll be posting more member cars on our Instagram: @flat6club
  • Starting in May, we're adding several new in-person Flat 6 Club meetup events. These are local events including general meetups, Cars & Coffee and driving events managed by local Flat 6 Club members!
  • Starting this month we are testing  our new independent, private social networking site for our members. This is a private system and not based on Facebook. If you'd like an invitation just get on our email list and follow our socials and we will notify you!
  • We've added a new blog post: First impressions of driving a Legendary 930 Turbo!
  • We continue to improve and add new gear to the member store.

Follow our socials to hear about the new releases and giveaways. It's going to be a busy summer of driving and meetups!
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