Flat 6 Club Reports Record Growth, Forms New Advisory Board

We're proud to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board.

The club has grown rapidly since forming 2 years ago. There are many great Porsche clubs in the world, like the Porsche Club of America, but we wanted to create a truly global community with modern technology that would unite Porsche owners and fans all over the world. We wanted to create a place to connect, collaborate, celebrate, drive, and enjoy our shared passion for Porsche's many outstanding works. Today we're proud to say that after 2 years, Flat 6 Club has a community with over 22,000 people in 62 countries!

To help us continue to grow and excel, we've formed our first advisory board. The board will advise Flat 6 Club strategy and operations including the development of unique Porsche-focused content, the building and scaling of our new private social network for Porsche enthusiasts, the development of high-quality in-person driving and social events, and our charitable activities in 2022 and beyond. 

I'm excited to announce that we're assembling a great group of people with a wide breadth of experience in racing, events, software, marketing, and Porsche fanaticism.

Advisory Board Members:

Frank Amoroso

Frank Amoroso Unconscionable gearhead."Love a great meal & a stiff drink."

Frank has experience in racing, automotive journalism, SaaS, and venture capital. His Porsche 911 M491 has been featured in many magazines, including the cover of Panorama. In Frank's own words from his Instagram profile: "SaaS Corp Dev life (Former: BIG law Biz Dev Exec, Tech & VC Firm Banker, auto journalist). Unconscionable gearhead."Love a great meal & a stiff drink."

Denise Terrell Longwell

Denise spent 25 years in sales and marketing in the technology sector. She was involved in personnel and product management, large event planning and logistics, and responsible for multi-million-dollar sales campaigns from inception to close.

Denise Terrell Longwell instructor for DK Racing and Precision Driving School at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Currently Denise instructs for DK Racing and Precision Driving School at Willow Springs International Raceway. Previously Denise raced with SCCA for over 10 years and won several regional and national championship titles and dozens of podium finishes. Denise worked as an instructor for many car clubs including SCCA, Porsche and BMW.

1969 Golden Green 911e

Denise drives a 1969 Golden Green 911e in mostly original condition with original paint. Denise also drives a 2011 911, 997.2 CS in Macadamia Metallic. She has been in love with the look and drivability of Porsches for as long as she can remember and looks forward to owning and driving many more in the future.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall @ The Worst Agency | A Partner in advertising. Effectively putting brands and people on broadcast. Specializing in automotive, e-commerce, and paid media.

Chris brings a breath of automotive marketing experience to the advisory board. He's spearheaded marketing campaigns for major automotive brands and also works as a growth consultant to Flat 6 Club. Chris's love for cars started at 15 years old with a 1977 Datsun 280Z that he knew inside and out.

About Flat 6 Club

Flat 6 Club was founded in March of 2020 by Shon & Courtney Burton, and Cyle Grieve. As the COVID19 pandemic started to lock the world down, we dreamed of a new kind of organization would unite people both online and in-person and bring them together around a shared passion: All things Porsche.

We've created a vibrant and inspiring community that is more amazing that we could have hoped for. So now we're working to continue to expand it and create unique experiences and community events for our club, as well as setting our sites on becoming a charitable organization who's events and operations serve to help others.



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  • Looking forward to a bright future with F6C!!

    Lou Morales

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